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ATS is a full-featured time server, which works as windows service and is fully RFC-868
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11 April 2013

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Absolute Time Server 4.3 is the shareware TIME and SNTP server. This application is ideal for local area network of medium size organization. Working pattern of this complete TIME server is very similar to that of Windows NT and also, it is compatible to RFC-868 and RFC-2030. The best part of Absolute Time Server is that it takes a very little space in the memory and uses the minimum possible resources of your computer.

Salient features of this application are as follows. This application works on the background and does not disturb the users in the network. You don’t need a user to logon first and then start it. Rather you can first start it and then user may log on. This saves a lot of time of the user. It also supports WINSOCK 2 and does not need any specific set up for working. You can also increase its efficiency by using the Time Corrector with this application.

Publisher's description

If you manage a corporate network of any size, time accuracy is one of the tasks you have to deal with. In a corporate environment, it is essential that every computer (and user) works with the same accurate time. This allows your colleagues to make it in time for offline and online meetings, join teleconferences at the scheduled time and send documents before deadlines. The task of regular time synchronization in your LAN becomes even more important is you work for a company that works with international clients or online systems, such as auctions or electronic exchanges. These automated systems may not let you perform a vital operation after a certain time.
If you are seeking an all-in-one solution for time synchronization in your entire corporate infrastructure, Absolute Time Server is the right choice. It is a full-fledged time server capable of running as a Windows service. It starts as a background process, consumes a tiny fraction of your system resources and fully supports RFC-868 (Time) and RFC-2030 (SNTP) time synchronization protocols. Deploying Absolute Time Server will be a snap - this compact solution starts working right out of the box and you don't need to initially configure it.
Absolute Time Server is a server solution optimized for high performance and reliable non-stop operation in networks of any size. The compact size of the program minimizes the load on the server and allows you to synchronize time on an unlimited number of clients on your local network. Note that the time on your LAN workstations can be synchronized even if the network doesn't have access to the Internet. Being a server solution tailored for corporate clients, Absolute Time Server can be customized to meet the specific needs of your infrastructure. However, its rich default functionality and the ability to instantly synchronize time on your LAN stations with online atomic clocks should satisfy the needs of the most jaded network administrators.
Absolute Time Server
Absolute Time Server
Version 8.2
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